alrimal site Riyadh .

Al Rimal 511 Units Villa Project
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

A huge housing project located in the North of Riyadh on an area of  2 million m2  is under construction. It includes 511 residential units constructed  by one of the most leading real estate companies in Saudi Arabia, Al Akaria Saudi Real Estate. The size of each villa is approximately 450 to 500 m2 consistsing of  two complete floors & head room.

PERI delivered 10,500 m2 of the new DUO formwork system, which is used for columns and walls. The DUO system is perfectly matching all requirements of the site thanks to its low self-weight, easy assembly, as well as independence from crane availibility.



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Klient: Al Akaria Saudi Real Estate

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Al Rimal 511 Units Villa Project / Riyadh

alrimal site Riyadh .
alrimal site Riyadh .