Scaffolding used on Payne Road.

Tellingute projektid

Paindlik. Ohutu. Kiire.

PERI tellingute süsteemid ei jäta peaaegu ühtegi väljakutset täitmata. Paigaldatakse kiiresti ja turvaliselt gravitatsiooniluku ja iselukustuvate tellingulavade abil. PERI tellingud täidavad kõige kõrgemaid tööohutuse nõudeid.

Referents projekt


The Squaire, Frankfurt am Main, Germany - PERI UP scaffolding on the longitudinal sides of the building was designed according to the expected loads and carried the construction loads.
Parco della Musica e della Cultura, Florence, Italy - The complex includes a 1,800-seat opera house, a concert hall for 1,100 music lovers as well as a theatre for audiences up to 2,000.
Pegasus Sculpture, USA - The 33 m high and 60 m long sculpture ensemble, featuring Pegasus and a dragon, was realised in a larger than life size. With the help of the PERI UP solution, more than 1,000 bronze castings could be assembled and welded on site.
Edificio Ágora, Valencia, Spain - A huge birdcage scaffold on the basis of PERI UP Rosett provided safe access ways and working areas for subsequent site activities up to a height of nearly 80 m.
Temple of Divine Providence, Warsaw, Poland - With the help of the PERI UP Rosett modular scaffold system, 24-metre high shoring was erected at the main entrance of the temple. Even at large heights, up to 40 kN per leg could be safely and reliably transferred.
PERI UP Easy Scaffolding was used to replace cladding on The Link residential building in London
UTEC University Campus, Lima, Peru - With the help of the customized PERI formwork and scaffolding solution, a new campus complex is being realized in Lima – with high architectural requirements and a tight construction schedule.
Sports arena Lora, Split, Croatia - The PERI solution served as both shoring and an assembly platform on which the enormous steel trusses of the roof construction were set down, assembled and moved into position.
Centre Pompidou, Metz, France - The tent-like roof construction reached a height of 77 m. For the up to 32 m high PERI UP Rosett shoring towers, adapting to the complex roof geometry was carried out using system components from the VARIOKIT engineering construction kit.
Restaurante Florante Submarino, Valencia, Spain - With 77 t of PERI UP Rosett materials, the building´s design could be accurately realized as a three-dimensional spatial load-bearing structure.
MAXXI - Museo nazionale delle arti del XXI secolo, Rome, Italy - This extraordinary structure is characterized by twisting reinforced concrete walls which reach heights of up to 14 m.
Traffic junction Czerniakowska, Warsaw, Poland - The pre-stressed hollow box superstructure was formed with VARIO GT 24 wall formwork and MULTIFLEX slab formwork.
Munich Airport Satellite Terminal, Germany - The 600 m long, new satellite terminal at Munich airport is located in the centre of the airfield and encloses the apron tower and incorporates the existing baggage sorting centre. Construction is taking place during normal airport operations and presents an enormous challenge to all those involved in the project.
Sheikh Khalifa Bridge, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates - The large spans in the middle bridge sections were concreted by means of the balanced cantilever method.
Viaduct Krakow-Płaszow Railway Junction - Customized solution through the flexible and modular adaptability of the system.
Motorway bridge over the Rio Sordo, Vila Real, Portugal - Up to 30 m high VARIOKIT VST heavy-duty shoring towers served as falsework for the construction of the bridge edge sections. Each leg carried a load of around 600 kN.
Oparno Motorway Bridge, Czech Republic - The 258 m long and 50 m high arched bridge crosses the Opamo Valley in the Bohemian Forest.
Deer crossing bridge Zehun, Czech Republic - PERI UP Rosett formed the falsework construction and was erected according to the type test. The tight construction schedule required support along the entire length of 75 m.
Forum roof Munich Airport, Germany - Replacing the membrane was carried out during ongoing daily airport operations. Maximum safety was ensured through a large-area protective roof construction installed at the height of the forum area in addition to the safety netting underneath the scaffolded roof sections.
Maritime museum Tallinn, Estonia - A total of 8,500 m² of exhibition space is now available under the three domes.
Karlskirche Church Vienna, Austria - The cantilevered working platform as seen from the visitors platform.
ADAC Headquarters, Munich, Germany - For the construction of the new ADAC headquarters, PERI supported the Züblin construction team with efficient formwork and scaffolding solutions as well as competent service.
Cristo Rei Monument, Lisbon, Portugal - Work could be safely carried out on the spacious and geometrically adapted working platforms of the PERI UP Rosett scaffold which was erected up to the head of the statue.
Museum of military history, Dresden, Germany - The almost 100 m long Libeskind-designed structure features a 30-metre high wedge tip made of glass and steel.
Potsdamer Platz, Berlin, Germany - The Potsdamer Platz is a city of the future with office and residential buildings, schools, theatres, hotels and shopping centres in the heart of Berlin.
Zahid Business Park
Banco de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires - A standardized construction kit system as well as the planning and delivery of formwork and scaffolding from a single source makes the PERI project solution very cost-effective.
DaimlerChrysler Subsidiary Warsaw, Poland - Not far from Warsaw‘s city centre, the new headquarters building of the automotive group together with a Mercedes-Benz dealership containing showrooms and a service centre has been realized.
Bridge renovation Ponte Rio Tua, Vila Real, Portugal - For the renovation of an arched bridge built in 1940, a scaffold construction on the basis of PERI UP modular scaffolding was erected.
PERI UP shoring system used at various heights supporting the slab formwork
Unusual Scaffolding solution: Cantilevered instead of positioning. New engineered working scaffold solution.