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Tarnime konstruktsioone, mis on ehitatud kestma.

Oleme teostanud mitmeid sildade ehitamise ja remondi projekte kogu maailmas. Sõltumata sellest, millist tüüpi sillaprojekti kallal töötate, võivad meie raketised, tellingud ja digitaalsed lahendused muuta ehitamise lihtsamaks ja ohutumaks.

Meie projektid

9m kõrgune ja 1m paksune sein ühe valuga.
Puente Baluarte, Mexico - Apart from the two pylons, a total of nine double piers are being constructed on both sides of the ravine which are braced by means of massive cross beams.
Trmice Motorway Bridge, Aussig, Czech Republic - For the 1,083 m long Trmice motorway bridge near Aussig in the Czech Republic, 59 piers were cost-effectively formed using PERI formwork.
Sheikh Khalifa Bridge, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates - The large spans in the middle bridge sections were concreted by means of the balanced cantilever method.
Viaduct Krakow-Płaszow Railway Junction - Customized solution through the flexible and modular adaptability of the system.
Bridge over the Dunajec, Tarnow, Poland - With some supplementary system components, the VARIOKIT engineering construction kit can also be used for the balanced cantilever construction method.
Motorway bridge over the Rio Sordo, Vila Real, Portugal - Up to 30 m high VARIOKIT VST heavy-duty shoring towers served as falsework for the construction of the bridge edge sections. Each leg carried a load of around 600 kN.
Oparno Motorway Bridge, Czech Republic - The 258 m long and 50 m high arched bridge crosses the Opamo Valley in the Bohemian Forest.
Lanaye Lock Bridge, Belgium - In the complex area with an extremely tight outer radius, the concentrated loads of the radially-arranged cantilever brackets are transferred into the available bridge piers by means of pressure supports.
Motorway bridge over the Drava, Osijek, Croatia - A VARIOKIT cantilevered parapet carriage serves for constructing the external cantilevered parapets.
Viaduc de Millau, France - In the area of the double piers, 14 complete ACS self-climbing units with telescopic working platforms were used.
Deer crossing bridge Zehun, Czech Republic - PERI UP Rosett formed the falsework construction and was erected according to the type test. The tight construction schedule required support along the entire length of 75 m.