Sohar Refinery Improvement Project
Sohar, Oman

Only refinery in Sohar

Dead weight of the slab: 3500 tons

Project duration: 9 months

31 m height and 986 m² slab area



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Klient: BEC - Bahwan Contracting Company  Oman

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Rejimon John - Ravi Kiran
Project Manager - Senior Project Engineer
We made the right choice with PD8 shoring system, especially that we had a main requirement for fast construction techniques in order to save time. It is easy to assemble the system in one place, it helped our team on site understand its connections quickly and imporve productivity. PD8 offers a much easier way of changing in the shifts as the structure grows higher. It is one of the main features that allows us to manage and construct this massive structure today, especially being safe and reliable throughout the construction period. We thank PERI for providing us the technical support needed and for their long association with us. 

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Sohar Refinery Improvement Project